Custom Decal Pack

Standard Decal Helmet

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Standard Decal Helmet

Our Custom Decal Pack allows our customers to create a truly unique look and personality to their helmet.  Over-Sized logos, special trim, custom pieces, custom sized numbers, seam crossing (some limitations apply) can be designed to give your helmet a look no other team has.

Available Helmet Models

Cascade S
Cascade R
Cascade CPXr
Cascade Pro7
Cascade CS
Cascade CLH2
Cascade CPX

Special Effects
Our Custom Decal Pack can be made with regular CMYK inks or can be upgraded for an additional charge and can be finished with either Matte or Gloss Laminate:

ProFX Chrome
Metallic Ink

*Note: ProFX Chrome is limited to basic colors

Original Order: 18
Reorder: 6