Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a proof? Is it free? 

In order for us to get you a proof, we need you to fill out our quote request page so that we may collect all the necessary information for our sales team to understand your project and get you firm quotes.  After we have discussed your design needs and understand your order timeline, we will begin the proofing stage.  Typically we will send serious inquiries proofs at no charge, but we may require a deposit or a credit card on file if we feel the need or if you will not be ordering for a while.

Alternatively, you may use our Product Designer to begin the artwork process any time and at no charge.  This is a great place to start to get ideas and become familiar with our products.

Regarding custom artwork that cannot be done with our Product Designer, please keep in mind that while we may send proofs at no charge, we reserve the right to charge artwork fees if we deem it appropriate.  We are a business and that means we do this to make money, not to give out free artwork.  If we send you art we think you are serious about purchasing and expect an order.  Please don't waste our time.  

What are your minimums?
Our minimum order per product is 18 pieces.  We do not make any exceptions however our reorder minimums are lower.

What is your production time for custom orders?
Our current production time is posted on the Custom section of our website for custom orders.  Our production time may increase due to specific times of the year and with the size of your order.  Please contact us to get our current production time, do not wait and assume we are going to be 4 weeks in January right before the start of the lacrosse season (we might be over 7 weeks depending on the current order volume currently in house).

I am a little behind and I need my order rushed, can you do that? 

It really depends on the size of your order and what we have in production. We do not have a "rush fee" and we certainly don't bump existing customers to make room for your order.  This would not be fair to those customers.  If you have a deadline that is less than our normal production, give us a call and we'll give you a straight answer. 

What happens if I get my order and there is an error in the artwork or numbering?
We make every effort to double check order information and our quality control should catch any error before the order ships. In the rare instance where the mistake is on our end, we will gladly replace the item(s) at our cost as soon as possible. 

I want to use a specific color, can you do this? 

Yes. We use the PMS Solid Coated color pallete. If you wish to use a specific PMS color, please provide us the corresponding PMS number.  Also, you should be aware that PMS colors may show a slight variation on our different materials compared to the printed color. This is the nature of dying fabric and is something that we do not have control over. 

Can I purchase some of the items on the custom part of your website?
None of the items in our Custom section of our site or in production photos are for sale, they are only samples. If you wish to purchase products on an individual basis, please visit the Store section of the website.

Can I get a sample? 

Absolutely.  We would be more than happy to send a sample of any item on our website.  Please give us a call and provide us billing and shipping information.  We will charge you the full retail price of each sample and will give you a refund once you return the sample to us.  

What are your set up fees?

All our Digital Fusion uniforms and apparel do not have set up fees. All the artwork, coloring, lettering, and numbers are included in the price. 

I want to use a trademarked logo, can I do this?
If you have written permission from the trademark holder, not a problem.  For example, if your team is sponsored by Folgers Coffee we would be more than happy to use their logo upon receipt of written authorization.  If you don't have permission we will respectfully decline the order.

Will you sponsor my team, we will put up banners at our home games?  


I am a retailer and I'd like to open an account, what do I do? 
At the moment we do not have a dealer program.

I want to start an apparel line, can you help me? Do you do private labeling?
We are in the business of designing and selling team apparel, not starting apparel lines.  If you wish to get volume pricing on a large quantity we can do that.  A large quantity is over 500 pieces.  We also do not offer private labeling in our products. Our label is sewn into all the garments we produce.
I got a proof from another company, if I give you my business will you beat their price?
No. First, getting artwork from another company and shopping it around is just plain wrong. We won't do it but we'll come up with something better, trust us. 

Second, not all dye sublimated garments are created equal and our pricing reflects the time and quality that goes into each product.  We feel our product stands alone and our pricing discounts are based on quantity and customer history.