In the beginning, our goal was to bring high quality, custom uniforms to lacrosse teams all over the country.  We felt that we were ambassadors of the sport and prided ourselves in our ability to bring exceptional uniforms and apparel to our teams. Over time, our offerings expanded to other sports including softball, hockey, and football.  In 2016 our company decided that the best way to support our teams—and this great country—was to bring our manufacturing to the States.  Over the next year we invested heavily to build a factory from the ground up right here in the USA.  Now we proudly employ domestic labor in our Agoura Hills, CA factory.  It is with great satisfaction that we tag our products with “MADE IN THE USA.”  Throughout the transition we continued to work hard with our teams to create unique uniforms that express their unity, pride, and love of their sport, but now with the added bonus of supporting American industry. 
Early last year, Pro Athletics introduced a line of athletic wear designed for training and the everyday active lifestyle.  The inception of the Pro Athletics Lifestyle line brought shirts and shorts made from the highest quality fabric with an exceptional fit that performed for athletes during training or as they engaged in their favorite pastime.  The Pro Athletics team went into 2020 with high expectations of bringing the quality associated with our brand to not only our teams, but to our individual athletes as well.  We knew that 2020 would put our factory to the test with a brisk selling season as more teams than ever sought after our gear.  At Pro Athletics, our team was excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.
Like the rest of our great nation, we had no idea the COVID-19 pandemic would reshape our interactions with one another.  We didn’t know it would limit our ability to congregate as families, friends, and teams.  We couldn’t imagine that the sports, lifestyles, and livelihood we took for granted would be taken away.  As California shut down, we felt uncertainty; we felt disappointment; and we felt confusion.  Suddenly our factory, our teams, and our lifestyle was not essential. 
It was only in this dark moment that together, as a company, did we draw inspiration from the very ideals that brought our manufacturing to the USA in the first place.  We are here to support this great nation and in doing so we offer the Guardian Mask.  Proudly made in the USA, the Guardian Mask is Pro Athletics’ first response to the great call to action we all feel.  Here at Pro Athletics, we wish health and safety to our families, our friends, our teams and our country.
Stay strong America.