Pro Athletics is a vertically integrated production facility specializing in dye sublimation and cut & sew sportswear and apparel. We control the entire process of production from pattern making, graphic design, printing, heat transfer, laser cutting, and sewing.

Pattern Making

We have designed and create all the products in our catalog.

Sublimation Printing

State of the art high speed sublimation printers capable of large volume production.

Heat Transfer

Multiple large drum heat transfer machines enable us to output various garments at high speed.

Cut & Sew

Our sewing floor includes overlock, coverstich, single needle, flatlock, button, buttonhole, and multineedle machines.

Made in USA - Why it matters

When you buy products made in the USA, you are supporting American manufacturing and American jobs.  In addition, you can feel comfortable knowing your order will be made accurately and on-time. 

While price is an important factor when choosing a supplier, getting your order on time and error free before game day is more valuable.


Proud to work with the Best

We are trusted by the best in the game to provide the most durable helmet decals to National, Collegiate, High School, and youth programs across the country. Our decals have been worn by World Champions, and National D1, D2, and D3 Champions. All our 21mil helmet decals are made in our production facility from American made components.

Smooth Chrome

Our smooth chrome vinyl is specifically designed to adhere and conform to low energy plastics.  With our state-of-the-art printers we are able to print nearly any color plus opaque white.

Traditional Inks

Pair traditional vibrant inks with our white or clear media for our most popular combination. 

Gloss Overlaminate

This overlaminate gives your decals a professional shine and the protection for high contact sports. 

Matte Overlaminate

Our Matte overlaminate eliminates the shine from our print medias creating a different look for your helmet.  Pair this with our ProFX Chrome for a brushed aluminum look.


Smooth Chrome

Our ProFx silver chrome is a mirror vinyl.

Traditional CMYK + White

Our ultra vibrant CMYK inks can be printed on either white or clear media.


Matte and Gloss overlaminates can change the look of your decal..