When you order from us you are buying from an American manufacturer. Owning our factory gives us full control over the products we make from design and fit to fabric and production times. We have the latest in advanced textile equipment and experienced workers to ensure your product is made to order accurately and efficiently.

We are proud to be part of the movement to re-shore production to American soil and are honored to earn your business.



You will work with our design team to create your artwork proof and tech pack for each item you want to order. Once you submit your roster and quantities you will be asked to approve your artwork for production.


Once your order is submitted, our printing department will take your artwork and apply your elements and colors to the appropriate templates.

If you have names and numbers, they will be applied and exported.


After all your files are ready, they will be sent to our industrial sublimation printers for printing.


Once your garments are printed they are matched with the correct fabric and sent through a calendar press at high temperature. Inside the press, the ink is transferred to the fabric via the dye sublimation process.

As the fabric exits the press, it is re-rolled and moved to staging for cutting.


We utilize high powered lasers to cut each panel from the fabric. this method ensures accurate cutting which keeps our sizing accurate.

In addition, laser cutting enables us to get orders cut and ready for sewing in minimal time.


Our expert industrial sewing team uses premium sewing machines and quality thread to assemble each garment.

We invest heavily in automatic machines and technologies to help our sewing team finish hundreds of pieces every day.


Wear your uniform and apparel with pride. We strive to be the best, and we are proud to work with the best.